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Caskets are made in a wide variety of styles and materials. They can be made from inexpensive materials, such as pine or a composite of hardboard, to more expensive materials such as steel,stainless steel, precious metals or hardwoods such as oak, and maple. 

When planning a funeral, one of the many decisions you will make is where your loved one’s final resting place will be. Depending on whether you choose a cemetery, your home, or some other location, you will need to choose an appropriate protective container. Your funeral director will match your specific needs to all available options, which may include caskets, vaults, or urns.
Most cemeteries require that caskets be placed in an outer burial receptacle capable of withstanding the weight and pressures of the earth above and surrounding the receptacle. Our Merchandise Selection Room provides samples of vaults and other outer burial containers for each family to preview and make their selection of choice. 
Urn Vaults
Urn Vaults are protective containers in which urns are commonly placed. In many cases, where families desire to bury the urns, cemeteries will require the use of an urn vault. Much like burial vaults for caskets, urn vaults protect the urn from being crushed, and protect the ground above from caving in over time. 

Memorial Monuments and Markers
Permanent memorials stand the test of time. They are a solid and visible tribute to a life that has been lived. Permanent Memorials individualize and designate a physical place where loved ones can come to pay their respects. Maureen is a representative of Lifetime Memorials in Eau Claire, she or Keven or Billy, (owners of Lifetime Memorials) can help you with this decision. 
Memorial Registry Gifts
With every service we offer a Memorial Registry Package that includes the Registry Book, Acknowledgement Cards, and a selection of Service Folders that can reflect the life and interests of the deceased. 
The urn holds your loved one’s cremated remains. Which urn you select depends on your loved one’s personality, as well as on the urn’s style, color, cost, and level of craftmanship.